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Welcome student Matthew Koay!

We recently welcomed a student to the ridge. Learn more about Matthew and his project in his own words.

My name is Matthew Koay, a senior at the University of Washington studying Environmental Studies in the Program of the Environment. I am currently working with the Friends of Harrison Ridge Greenbelt and the Green Seattle Partnership to help restore a portion of the greenbelt which we have been affectionately referring to as the “Denny Upgrade”. This has included the removal of invasive species throughout this area as well as the planning of where to plant native species in the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons where the weather and climate will better support their growth.

My personal project relates to an analysis of the benefits of volunteering and the possible challenges that an entirely volunteer based maintenance team might encounter, as well as possible remedies to these issues. Through this, I hope to seek ways to garner more support and volunteers year round for not just Harrison Ridge but throughout Seattle.

More about me personally, I grew up in the Bay Area in Northern California and was extremely privileged to have access to well maintained parks and greenspaces all around my neighborhood. I often found myself using them as places to exercise but also as a place of reprieve from daily life. This exposure to the environment since a young age led me to develop a love for the outdoors which later blossomed into a desire to preserve and protect these areas to ensure that future generations will continue to have access to such spaces in an increasingly industrial focused world. I plan to use the skills and experience I have gained from my time at Harrison Ridge in my professional career with future conservation and community efforts.

Please join us in welcoming Matthew to the ridge!

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