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Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees…

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Seattle Forest Week is coming soon! It will give people all over town the chance to help expand the populations of native plants so necessary to healthy Pacific Northwest ecosystems.

The Harrison Ridge Greenbelt in Madison Valley will have volunteer events throughout the week, November 6th through Arbor Day, the 13th. The work that we do that week will continue throughout the month of November as we plant more than 600 trees and shrubs, provided by the Green Seattle Partnership. To prepare for these native plants that the birds and the bees depend on, volunteers will haul woodchips, dig holes, move plants to various areas of the greenbelt, and, in dry areas, water the new plants.

After the plants are delivered, the work will be---well, dirty. Or maybe even muddy, depending on the arrival of our much-longed-for rainy season. Many green areas of the city are swathed in non-native ivy and blackberry, meaning that the birds, small mammals, amphibians and insects that depend on a particular source of food, nesting material, sites for nests, and safety from predators will experience declining populations. Volunteers of all ages can help with increasing the population of native trees and shrubs is necessary for maintaining the health of our part of this Pacific Northwest ecosystem.

To find out about neighborhood event, go to, and click on “Get Involved”, or go to to sign up for events all across the city.*

Title is from a catchy old song written by Jewel Akens.

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